Before getting familiar with our products, let’s have a look at TIJ2.5 printer. As one of the best thermal inkjet printer manufacturers, Dongning has focused on manufacturing thermal inkjet printer for 14 years.

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) Printers use standard ink cartridge systems and do not require any bottles of inks or solvent, making thermal inkjet printers clean and simple to use.

Our printers are mainly for Handheld thermal inkjet printers,automatic online ink jet printers. Here let us go through them one by one .

Hand held inkjet printers

Compared with traditional ink jet printers, the main advantages of handheld ink jet printers are small size, light weight and simple operation. For the average enterprise, any staff can operate the handheld printer with no difficulty in operation.

The major function fo the hand held batch code ink jet printer is to print QR Codes, expiry date,logo, batch Number,manufacturing time,etc.Furthermore, industries use this printer to print single or in some cases,double liners on various types of product packaging.

Online Ink jet Printers

The most difference of hand held printer and online printer is online printer is reducing costs with automation and optimization. If you have little time or you are in a hurry to prepare your items, then an online printing service is ideal for your project. Usually they can process your orders quickly and efficiently.

As same as the portable hand held printer the online printer can also print QR Codes, expiry date printer , batch code printer , bar code, logo, lot number printer and variable data.

Tij 2.5 Ink Jet Printer application:

* Food& Beverage package line such as plastic bags, bottles, boxes and cartons.

* Mail addressing, postage printing, bar code printing, commercial printing, packing printing, expiry date printing,logo printing and etc.Looking for tij printer manufacturer, Contact us!

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