Thermal Inkjet Printer


One of the most popular categories of industrial ink jet printers available today, thermal inkjet printer are compact, cost-effective machines that are built to create high-resolution codes on a variety of substrates. Coming in a host of makes and models that emphasize different advantages, TIJ Printers can meet the needs of the modern production line without compromising quality.

Extensive communications protocol ideal for remote control and secondary applications.

High resolution print (up to 600dpi) suitable for high quality small and large font codes.

While TIJ models of the past were often limited to printing on only certain substrates (generally paper and cardboard),the list of encodable surfaces has grown substantially as printing technology has advanced. Now depending on the model in question, TIJ Printers can be used to print on:paper, cardboard,woods,plastic bags, pipes,glass even some stone.

Hangzhou Dongning handheld inkjet marker TIJ 2.5 Printers offer an impressive combination of functionality and simplicity in one, compact design,marking them an ideal solution for a range of coding and marking applications.

The Half Inch Thermal Ink jet Printer (TIJ printer) is a high resolution coding solution featuring a half inch cartridge system for precise coding onto cartons, boxes, trays, sleeves and plastic packaging materials. Simpleness but versatility in coding ability.

The TM and TW are a cost-efficient TIJ printer with a 7” touch screen ease the printer operation, 2 head to 6 head print heads control capability, full of printing functions in the print message created by the screen. 

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