Production of the thermal inkjet printer more then 15 years always been imitated and never been surpassed.
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Name: TW Online Batch Code Printing MachineMachine Material: Aluminum
Size: 245x130x45mminformation is stored: Unlimited storage
Nozzle: TIJ Hot foaming nozzlespray printing precision:300-600 DPI
Screen Size:7 inch Capacitive ScreenSpray print barcode: Barcode, QR Code
Count Number:1-8 digitsNature of the ink: Dry, Oily
Using the environment: Temperature 0 to 40,10-80% humidityThe Cartridge capacity: 42ml
Fast Dry Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Invisible ColorWater Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Invisible Color
Spray  print distance:2-5mmPrint Library: Synchronous machine library
Spray printing speed:60m/mMost Printing Height: 2-152.4mm
Printing material: Plate, carton, pipe, cable, metal, plastic, etc
Adapter parameters: 100-240v AC input
The external interface: Power and optoelectronic interface, DVI cable interface, USB
Spray print content: Chinese, English, Number, symbol, QR code, picture,date, counter


  1. How can I know your machine works well?

  2. Before delivery, we have tested every machine and adjusted it to the best condition. If you have special production condition, we could also adjust the machine for you.

2.Do you have other color inks?

Yes, We have white, yellow, red, green, blue, black these color for you choice.

3.Can the mark be erased?

No, if you do not scrape with hard tool, it can not be erased.


  1. Lots of certificates , CE certificate, ISO certificate.

2.We are manufacturing factory, we have 14 years experience in inkjet printer area.

3.We have QC to test quality of accessories , quality of machine.

4.Fast delivery, Factory price , English Engineer feedback within 24 hours.

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