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Working principles of inkjet coder machine

The inkjet coder machine operates based on a set of intricate working principles that allow for precise and efficient printing on various surfaces. This advanced technology utilizes high-speed printheads equipped with tiny nozzles to expel droplets of ink onto the desired substrate. The process begins by converting digital information into electrical signals, which then control the movement of the printhead and regulate the flow of ink. Through a combination of thermal or piezoelectric mechanisms, these droplets are ejected onto the surface in a fast and accurate manner, creating legible text or images with exceptional clarity and resolution. By leveraging sophisticated software algorithms, the inkjet coder machine can adapt its printing parameters to accommodate different materials and environmental conditions, ensuring consistent and reliable results across diverse applications. Overall, this cutting-edge device exemplifies precision engineering at its finest, offering unparalleled performance in marking and coding solutions for modern industries.

Benefits of inkjet coder machine

As a crucial tool in the packaging industry, inkjet coder machine for plastic bottles offer a myriad of benefits that greatly enhance production efficiency and product quality. These machines are equipped with advanced technology that enables them to print high-quality codes onto various surfaces such as inkjet coding on plastic, paper, cardboard and metal with precision and accuracy. By utilizing non-contact printing methods, inkjet coder machines eliminate the need for costly consumables like ink ribbons or cartridges, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses. Additionally, these machines can be easily integrated into existing production lines, allowing for seamless operation without causing disruptions or delays. With their ability to print variable data such as expiration dates, batch numbers, and barcodes at high speeds, inkjet coder machines help ensure compliance with industry regulations while maintaining traceability throughout the supply chain. Overall, investing in an inkjet coder machine not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances brand image by delivering professional-looking packaging solutions that meet customer expectations.

How to print expiry date on plastic bottles?

To print an expiry date on plastic bottles, you can use specialized printing equipment designed for marking on packaging materials. One common way to do this is through date printer for bottles that are specifically designed for printing on plastic surfaces. These machines can be programmed to print batch codes, expiry dates, and other information directly onto the plastic bottles as they move along a production line. It's important to ensure that the ink or printing method used is suitable for adhering to the specific type of plastic used for the bottles and that it meets any regulatory requirements for legibility and durability. If you have specific requirements or regulations to follow, it's always best to consult with experts in packaging and printing to ensure compliance.

What are the applications of inkjet printing?

inkjet coder machine for plastic bottles

inkjet coder machine for  Coding Food and Beverage Packaging

inkjet coder machine for  Glass bottle printing

inkjet coder machine for  Metal/aluminum can printing

inkjet coder machine for Pet food bag/can printing

inkjet coder machine for Plastic bag printing

inkjet coder machine for Corrugated cardboard printing

inkjet coder machine for Flexible film and foil printing

inkjet coder machine for Eggs and egg carton printing

Name:  Automatic Online Batch Code PrinterMachine material: Aluninum
Size:245x130x45mmInformation is stored: Unlimitd storage
Nozzle: TIJ Hot Foaming NozzleSpray printing precision: 300-600 DPI
Screen Size: 7 Inch Capacitive ScreenSpray print barcode: Barcode, QR Code
Count Number: 1-8 digitsNature of the ink: Dry, Oily
Using the environment: Temperature 0 to 40, 10-80% humidityThe cartridge capacity: 42ml
Fast Dry Color: Black, Red,Blue,Green, Yellow, White, Invisible ColorWater color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Invisible Color
Spray print distance:2-5mmPrint Library: Synchronous machine library
Spary printing speed: 60m/mPrinting height: 1.2mm-12.7mm, 2-25.4mm
Printing material: Plate, Carton,pipe,cable,metal, plastic,etcAdapter parameters: 100-240v AC input
The external interface:Power and optoelectronic interface,DVI Cable interface,USB
Spray print content: Chinese, English, number, symbol, QR Code, picture, date


1.How can I know your machine works well?
Before delivery, we have tested every machine and adjusted it to the best condition. If you have special production condition, we could also adjust the machine for you.
2.Can you ship the machine to my address?
Yes, we could use DHL to express the machine. While transport cost will be higher. Also, it is suitable for the small models.
3.How long will it take for the ink to become dry?
3-5 seconds.


1.We are manufacturing factory, we have 14 years experience in inkjet printer area, mainly in inkjet printer for plastic bottles.
2.Fast delivery, Factory price , English Engineer feedback within 24 hours.
3.Lots of certificates , CE certificate, ISO certificate.
4.We have QC to test quality of accessories , quality of machine.

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