Production of the thermal inkjet printer more then 15 years always been imitated and never been surpassed.
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Name: TW Online PrinterMachine material: Aluminum
Size:245x130x45mmInformation is stored: Unlimited Storage
Nozzle: TIJ Hot Foaming nozzleSpray printing precision:300-600 DPI
Screen Size: 7 Inch Capacity screenSpray print barcode: Barcode, QR Code, 
Count number:1-8 digits
Nature of the ink: Dry, Oily
Using the environment: temperature 0 to 40,10-80% humidityThe cartridge capacity:42ml
Fast Dry Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, invisible colorWater color: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow,  White, INVISIBLE COLOR
Spray print distance:2-5mmPrint libarary: Synchronous machine library
Spray printing speed: 60m/mPrinting height:2-12.7mm, 2-25.4mm
Printing material: plate, carton, pipe, cable, metal, plastic, etcAdapter parameters: 100-240V AC Input

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