Production of the thermal inkjet printer more then 15 years always been imitated and never been surpassed.
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Shape Features: 4.3 inch color LCD ScreenScreen display: Display all the printing parameters at a glance, one key to change the settings
Dimension: 205x130x110mmTriggered: Photoelectric sensor trigger
Net Weight: 2.6kgSpray print control: Encoder Control

Printing Height:7 Dot Fonts: Between 10-24mm height can be adjusted freely, 

Width can be adjusted freely, can print single line of umbers or English.

16 Dot Fonts: Between 10-60mm height can be adjusted freely, width can be 

adjustedfreely can print single line of numbers or English

Spray printing material: Permeability or impermeability

Software functions: Real-time date, clock, batch code,count, shift , fount upside 

down, left and right

Ink: water based ink (permeable surface) or oily ink
Printing line: Any lines (Adjustable)Ink Color: Black, red,blue, yellow, white
Printing height: 10mm-24mm and 10mm-60mmAir pressure:0.01-0.06mp can be adjustable
Print Code: Bar code, qr code, logo, symbolpower: dc24v,1.5a, the average power is less than 30w
Printing distance: distance from the surface of the printed objet is 2mm to 5mmusing the environment: the temperature is 20 degree to 70 degree and the humidity is 30%-70%
Status display: the red indicator lights up when printingPrinting material: board, carton,stone, pipe, cable, metal, plastic products, electronic, the fiber board, light steel pipe, aluminum foil, etc.

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