Production of the thermal inkjet printer more then 15 years always been imitated and never been surpassed.
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Machine Size: long 14cm width 8cm high 23.5cm (including handle)External interface: cahrting interface RS232, USB
Weight : about 80grams (without ink box)
Fast drying color: black , red, blue, yellow
Stored information: unlimited storageOiliness color: Black
Segmenting function: 5 segmentCartridge capacity:5cc
Precision of printing: 300 dpiPrinter :complete synchronous machine
Screen Size: 5  inch touch screen (10.8x6.5cm)Spray printing distance: 2-5mm
Count Sequence number:1-8 digitsJet Printing Height: 1 inch
Bar Code: bar code and variable two-dimensional codeSpeed of printing: 60m/min
Environment: Temperateru 0-40, humidity 10-80%Power parameter: DC14.8 Lithium battery
Ink Properties: dry and oilinesAutomatic inkjet printing: date, count, batch number

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