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Dongning is completed by passing through several basic processes. It will go through cutting, sewing, fiber washing, dyeing, and decorating. .
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  • wholesale automatic sticker labeling machine for sequare bottles-dongning
    wholesale automatic sticker labeling machine for sequare bottles-dongning
    This machine includes automatic card sorting machine (also called sorting machine), including automatic conveyor belt, which can automatically separate the products to a certain distance and send them to the labeling machine conveyor belt to automatically transport the products. (According to the needs of the product, the automatic receiving device can be selected to collect the products neatly and facilitate the workers to take away).According to the characteristics of the product itself, the lifting platform + mechanical hand-feeding method can be used to prevent scratching products, or the suction type conveyor belt can be selected to prevent the light/thin product from being deflected during transportation.The method of rolling is adopted, and the label is sent by the labeling head to the product during the conveying process, and the labeling and labeling are completed. Adjustable within the labeling range, the labeling head can be up and down, left and right, front and rear, and the tilt is adjustable, which is very convenient.Operation process:Put the product (automatic feeding of the product) -> product delivery -> labeling (automatic realization of the equipment) -> collect the labeled products.For more contact information:Website: www.hzdnkj.cnFacebook: us freely if you have any question:
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